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The King's Egg


About The Book

The King’s Egg is a beautifully illustrated “Read to Me” bed time story. This book shows children the importance of honesty in life. The main characters are emperor penguins named King Ray and Queen Loya. The sons of the King and Queen are three hatchlings named Sol, Pop and Sky. King Ray knows that one day he is going to give his kingdom to one of his three sons, but how could he ever choose between them? The King puts his sons through a test! Read more to find out who will be the next ruler of the grand Ice Kingdom!


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About The Author

My name is Kayla Lopez, I'm a young self-published author! I grew up in Houston, TX and was schooled in the Fort Bend District. I have a passion for art and making this book made my words come to life! I hope everyone enjoys my story. I pray in the future to publish many more books for the world to enjoy! Thank you.

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